Media Relations:   We raise our client’s visibility by targeting all media  & key-influencers that are central to getting the client’s story  told.  Services include, but are not limited to:    

  • Press-Junkets & Media Tours
  • Media Outreach & Placements
  • Influencer Seeding
  • Red Carpet Management
  • Orchestrating Press Releases & Media Alerts
  • Consistently Pitching the Media with Fresh Story Angles Regarding the Client
  • Coordinating & Creating Press Events
  • Informing Media of Clients who are Fitting to be Placed on Coveted “Whose Who” Lists

   Social Media Management   Social media is the best platform for our clients to  directly engage with their audience.  Our expertise guides our clients  towards getting the most benefit out of their social networks.    

  • Create Social Media Plan
  • Create and Execute Strategy to Increase Traffic & User Engagement on Social Networks
  • Maintain Social Networks by Updating Posts & Executing Strategies to Enhance Exposure on Social Media Platforms

   Creative Partnerships    

  • Strategic Hollywood & Worldwide Entertainment Partnerships
  • Enhancing Client’s Networks through Introductions to Key Influencers

   Brand Development for Individuals & Entities    

  • Strategic Collaborations & Projects
  • Promotional Platforms
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns/Internet Marketing

   Store Openings & In-Store Promotions    

  • Social Media Promotions
  • Handling Guest Lists and Red Carpet
  • Media Outreach & Booking Media Coverage at Event
  • Product Placements
  • Creative Partnerships and Collaborations

   Customer/User Engagement Strategies    

  • Social Media Strategy to Enhance User Engagement
  • Contests On and Offline

   Sponsorship & Brand Alliances    

  • Introducing Partnerships Opportunities
  • Orchestrating and Managing Partnerships

   Product  & Brand Placement    

  • Servicing Products to Stylists, Videos, Films, & Other Platforms
  • Gifting Products to Celebrities
  • Strategic Brand Placement Opportunities

   Crisis Management    

  • 24-hour Availability for Crisis Management
  • Professional Speechwriters Available for Crisis Management
  • Create and Executing Strategic Plan for Handling Crises