Media Relations:   We raise clients' profiles through our deep, trusted relationships with top-tier press and ongoing, creative pitching with fresh story angles.  Services include:    

  • Ongoing media outreach & top-tier placements across broadcast, print and online outlets
  • Press junkets & media tours
  • Influencer seeding
  • Red carpet management
  • Creative press events
  • Press releases & media alerts
  • Placement on coveted “Who's Who” lists

Strategic Partnerships    

  • Creative partnerships with celebrities and brands spanning industries and markets
  • Expansion of clients' networks through introductions to game-changing influencers

Brand Development for Individuals & Entities    

  • Creation of all press materials, including biographies and EPKs
  • Powerful messaging and positioning to strengthen brand impact
  • Strategic partnerships to further brand building
  • Event-driven media bookings and coverage
  • Strategic product placements   

Product  & Brand Placement    

  • Product seeding and placements to Stylists, Videos, Films, & Other Platforms
  • Product gifting to celebrities
  • Strategic Brand Placements

Crisis Management    

  • 24-hour availability for crisis management
  • Skilled at creating and executing strategic plans to handle crises, with support from professional speechwriters  as necessary