Experience, contacts,  expertise,  and strategy enable A-Game Public Relations to open doors for clients   while maintaining, protecting, and positively enhancing the client’s  reputation!       The evolution of  technology makes the world smaller creating a path  for our clients to reach  their target demographics; however, the  journey on that path is full of obstacles  that only expertise,  creativity, and connections can conquer!        A-Game Public Relations  offers clients contacts, creativity, and  connections that in the past have  gotten high profile individuals,  celebrities, brands, and experts to reach  their public relations goals.            We have the ability to  connect clients with their target  demographics around the country and  world.   Our publicists offer track  records of success with some of  the biggest names in the entertainment  and business world while creating  platforms for experts who never had  media exposure before working with members  of our team.           Strong media placements,  strategic collaborations, introductions to  key influencers, promotional events,  red carpets, album listening  sessions, and strategic promotions are services  that we have experience  in.       Our  bicoastal agency keeps us connected with the media and entertainment industry  from New York to Los Angeles and worldwide.