Have you found your A-Game?

Turning leaders and their brands into household names

Top-tier media relationships, creative pitches, and white glove service make A-Game Public Relations fundamentally different.

Some of the biggest names in technology, media, venture capital and consumer goods all share one secret weapon: A-Game Public Relations.

Most publicists and PR agencies rely on clients for contacts and creative pitches, and -- despite what they may promise -- typically delegate the hard work of pitching to junior staffers. A-Game is different. 

Our bicoastal footprint with skilled senior staff based in New York, LA and Silicon Valley keeps us intimately connected to leaders, trend-setters and thought leaders across media, technology, consumer goods and pop culture. Those relationships enable us to make the creative cross-sector connections that don't just make headlines; they change the game.

Led by the powerhouse publicist Anita Chatterjee, A-Game delivers the media placements and partnerships that transform leading executives and their companies into household names. With a deeply interwoven social and professional network that includes the hardest to reach journalists, celebrities, and business leaders spanning an impressive array of industries, A-Game delivers the broadcast, print and media placements other agencies would call impossible. For A-Game, it's all in a day's work.